Hello, welcome to poof.gripe

I’m poof. I’m a “crypto” or “web3” person who is caught between two paradigms — hating it because of the culture surrounding it and enjoying it because of the potential to directly fund interesting experiments.

Without going into depth, I have been a participant in the space for a relatively short (or long) period time since about 2021. I have had the pleasure of getting to build EtherOrcs (now ended), an early onchain game, as well as get to know a variety of other people within the space. Before this, my background has largely been in consumer goods focusing on “strategy” as it pertains to the consumer — highly corporate. I am not a developer, but am technical enough to tinker and be annoying.


I hate Substack, newsletters, podcasts, and many many other things. Yet here I am, creating a Substack as it appears increasingly evident that Twitter is about to collapse.

So, what will you find here?

  1. Research — I do a lot of technical market based reporting on the dynamics of Web3, NFTs, crypto. I generally do it for myself, but will be sharing bits and pieces here as well as long form analysis.

  2. Essays (Rants) — I have a lot of opinions, particularly on the need to make Web3 smaller, more indie, more experimental and less corporate mimicry. I will probably write (poorly) on this here.

  3. Project Work — I typically work on one or two more art forward projects at a time. A lot of my current focus is on AI and horror.

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Writings about NFTs, crypto, and finding hope in a horrible place


attempting to fundamentally rupture web3